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At Hi Baby Ultrasound, we believe that your experience should be exciting, relaxed and above all, fun. So while there is not much you need to do to prepare for this amazing experience, there are a few things we think you should know before coming in. We have tried to cover all of them, but if you have any concerns, or we haven't managed to answer all your questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at +1 (204) 220-6810 or email us at


Why choose Hi Baby Ultrasound?
Hi Baby Ultrasound is associated with iBiomedex Technologies Ltd. We have years of medical training behind us which gives you the assurance that you are coming to a qualified facility. Our scans are performed using the best equipment in the industry, GE Voluson Expert.


What is 3D/4D ultrasound?
3D Ultrasound is a digital ultrasound image made up of a volume of sound echoes. The result is stunning "life-like" images. 4D ultrasound is a 3D image seen in real time.


When is the best time to get a 3D/4D ultrasound?
3D imaging may be performed between 21 and 32 weeks. The best images are usually obtained between 24 and 29 weeks.Images for twin pregnancies are optimal between 21 and 26 weeks. Image quality varies with every scan. There are many key factors that can affect the quality of the scan adversely, such as the baby's position (hands/feet in front of face), amniotic fluid levels and also maternal obesity. The technologists will try to the best of their ability to obtain the best images possible, but the quality of images as well as getting an image of the face cannot be guaranteed.


Can I find out the gender of my baby?
Yes, if that is your desire! We will attempt to obtain the best images to assure accuracy. If you wish to keep gender a secret please let us know and we will respect your wishes. Gender assessment will not be performed prior to 20 weeks gestation.


Will you provide measurements of the baby or establish a due date?
No. Although Hi Baby Ultrasound is associated with iBiomedex Technologies, this is a non-diagnostic service, which does not replace any medical element of your prenatal care. You must be under the care of a health care provider and you will need to have completed the 17-20 week medical diagnostic ultrasound ordered by your doctor.


Do I need to prepare for the appointment?
No, there is no special preparation needed.


Is ultrasound safe?
This is probably the most important question to ask. Ultrasound has been used safely in obstetrics since the 1950s. There have been no confirmed adverse biological effects to mothers or their babies caused by exposure from ultrasound instruments. However, it is critical that an experienced, registered sonographer performs your 3D scan and that you feel comfortable with the knowledge and expertise of the clinic that's providing the service.

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